Gesneriads have been represented in prints dating from the late 18th Century. Many of these are excellent examples of the artist’s and print-maker’s art, providing a more useful and more beautiful representation of the plants than is often possible with photography. In most cases, prints made prior to 1850 (and sometimes later) were individually colored by hand. Most of the prints here are hand colored.

Some of our prints were the first publication of the species represented. They thus represent not only fine art, but significant fragments of botanical history.

The links below are to a selection of antique prints from several personal collections. More will be added over time, as they are acquired.

Please note that the prints are presented alphabetically by the name under which the print was published. In most cases we have identified the proper current name for the species, but cannot guarantee that all of these identifications are current or correct. If you need confirmation of a proper current name, please contact us.

Most of these prints are presented at moderately high resolution, typically 2000 pixels on the longest side. Our zoom function allows you to hover your cursor over an image to zoom in to see detail, or to click the image and then click again to see the image at full size, which can be moved around the screen to see all the detail.

Most of the print pages have a link to a downloadable version of the image. You are free to download and to use however you wish, as the images are long out of copyright. Most should print quite nicely at the size they were published at, typically about 9″ x 6″.

If you re-publish them in any way, please credit the Gesneriad Reference Web, and give the URL for the print you are using.



Gould – Columnea schiedeana and Eupherusa eximia

Gould – Gloxinia erinoides and Lophornis verreauxi

Gould – Kohleria spicata and Lophornis delattrei

Gould – Kohleria spicata with Thaumatias candida

Gould – Kohleria warszewiczii and Eucephala chlorosephala

Gould – Kohleria warszewiczii and Lafresnaya gayi

Gould – Nematanthus corticola and Eucephala caeruleo lavata

Gould – Nematanthus corticola and Hypuroptila caeruleigaster

Gould – Nematanthus corticola and Schistes personata

Gould – Sinningia cooperi and Glaucos lanceolatai

Gould – Sinningia douglasii and Smaragdochrysis iridescens

Gould – Sinningia incarnata and Lophornis regulus

Gould – Vanhouttea calcarata and Schistes geoffroyi

Achimenes (Naegelia) amabalis

Achimenes ‘Ambroise Verschaffelt’

Achimenes ‘Edouard Otto’, ‘Dr. Kopf and ‘Edmond Boissie’

Achimenes amabilis

Achimenes argyrostigma

Achimenes cupreata

Achimenes cupreata

Achimenes cupreata

Achimenes gloxiniaeflora

Achimenes grandiflora

Achimenes heterophylla

Achimenes hirsuta

Achimenes ignescens

Achimenes longiflora

Achimenes longiflora var. Alba

Achimenes multiflora

Achimenes multiflora

Achimenes ocellata

Achimenes ocellata

Achimenes patens

Achimenes pedunculata

Achimenes picta

Achimenes picta

Achimenes rosea

Aeschinanthus purpurascens

Aeschinanthus splendidus

Aeschynanthus boschianus

Aeschynanthus cordifolius

Aeschynanthus grandiflorus

Aeschynanthus grandiflorus

Aeschynanthus hildebrandii

Aeschynanthus javanicus

Aeschynanthus javanicus

Aeschynanthus lobbianus

Aeschynanthus longiflorus

Aeschynanthus longiflorus

Aeschynanthus miniatus

Aeschynanthus obconicus

Aeschynanthus parasitica

Aeschynanthus pulcher

Aeschynanthus pulcher

Aeschynanthus ramosissimus

Aeschynanthus speciosus

Aeschynanthus splendidus

Aeschynanthus splendidus

Aeschynanthus tricolor

Aeschynanthus tricolor

Agalmyla staminea

Alloplectus capitatus

Alloplectus capitatus

Alloplectus concolor

Alloplectus dichrous

Alloplectus pinelianus

Alloplectus repens

Alloplectus schlimii

Alloplectus vittatus

Alloplectus zamorensis

Besleria incarnata

Besleria meilittifolia

Besleria melitifolia

Besleria pulchella

Besleria pulchella

Capanea grandiflora

Capania grandiflora

Centrosolenia aenea

Centrosolenia bractescens

Centrosolenia glabrata

Centrosolenia picta

Centrosolenia picta

Chirita hamosa

Chirita lilacina

Chirita macrophylla

Chirita marcanii

Chirita moonii

Chirita moonii

Chirita sinensis

Chirita sinensis

Chirita sinensis

Chirita zeylanica

Chirita zeylanica

Chirita zeylanica

Chirita zeylanica

Columnea and Besleria

Columnea aurantiaca

Columnea aureo-nitens

Columnea bulbosa

Columnea crassifolia

Columnea erythrophaea

Columnea hirsuta

Columnea kalbreyeri

Columnea pilosa

Columnea scandens

Columnea scandens

Columnea scandens

Columnea scandens

Columnea scandens

Columnea schiedeana

Columnea schiedeana

Columnea splendens

Conrad Gesner

Conradia floribunda

Corallodiscus kingianus

Cydaea Belzebuth

Cyrilla pulchella

Didymocarpus crinita

Didymocarpus crinitus

Didymocarpus humboldtianus

Didymocarpus malayanus

Didymocarpus oblonga

Didymocarpus prumulaefolia

Didymocarpus rexii

Dircaea blassii flowers

Dircaea blassii plant

Dircaea bulbosa var. lateritia subv. alba

Dircaea lobulata

Dircaeo-Gesneria purpurea

Drymonia bicolor

Drymonia cristata

Drymonia marmorata

Drymonia punctata

Drymonia turialvae

Drymonia villosa

Episcia bicolor

Episcia bicolor

Episcia chontalensis

Episcia maculata

Episcia mellitifolia

Episcia tessellata

Eucodonia naegelioides Diamantina

Eucodonopsis naegelioides

Gesnera allagophylla

Gesnera bulbosa

Gesnera cinnabarina

Gesnera coruscans

Gesnera discolor

Gesnera discolor flowers

Gesnera discolor plant

Gesnera douglasii var. verticillata

Gesnera exoniensis

Gesnera fascialis

Gesnera gardneri

Gesnera herbertii/Gesnera gerardiana

Gesnera lateritia

Gesnera marchii

Gesnera mollis

Gesnera tuberosa

Gesnera zebrina

Gesnera zebrina

Gesnera zebrina

Gesneria (Isoloma) crianai/trianaei

Gesneria aggregata (2 plates)

Gesneria bulbosa

Gesneria bulbosa

Gesneria bulbosa var. lateritia

Gesneria cochlearis

Gesneria cooperi (top)

Gesneria donkelaariana

Gesneria donklarii

Gesneria douglasii

Gesneria douglasii

Gesneria douglasii

Gesneria douglasii var. verticillata

Gesneria elliptica var. lutea

Gesneria elongata

Gesneria elongata

Gesneria grandis

Gesneria hondensis

Gesneria leopoldi

Gesneria libanensis

Gesneria lindleyi

Gesneria macrostachya

Gesneria mollis

Gesneria oblongata

Gesneria pardina

Gesneria picta

Gesneria prasinata

Gesneria purpurea

Gesneria rupestris

Gesneria rupestris

Gesneria rutila

Gesneria sceptrum var. ignea

Gesneria seemannii

Gesneria stricta

Gesneria tomentosa

Gesneria tomentosa

Gesneria triflora

Gesneria verticillata

Gesneria zebrina

Gloxinia “A Double Corolle”

Gloxinia “Maxima”

Gloxinia “Rosea Alba”

Gloxinia hybrids

Gloxinia Mammouth

Gloxinia nouveau hybrids

Gloxinia varieties

Gloxinia Adamas-oculata

Gloxinia caulescens

Gloxinia caulescens

Gloxinia digitaliflora

Gloxinia fimbriata

Gloxinia Fyfiana

Gloxinia fyfiana

Gloxinia gesnerioides

Gloxinia hirsuta

Gloxinia hirsuta

Gloxinia hypocyrtiflora

Gloxinia maculata

Gloxinia maculata var. insignis

Gloxinia pallidiflora

Gloxinia rubra

Gloxinia rubra

Gloxinia rubra, The Backstory

Gloxinia speciosa

Gloxinia speciosa

Gloxinia speciosa

Gloxinia speciosa

Gloxinia speciosa var. albiflora

Gloxinia speciosa var. macrophylla

Gloxinia speciosa var. Menziesii

Gloxinia speciosa-caulescens

Gloxinia teuchleri

Gloxinia tubiflora

Gloxinia tubiflora

Haberlea rhodopensis

Heintzia tigrina

Hypocyrta brevicalyx

Hypocyrta glabra

Hypocyrta leucostoma

Hypocyrta scabrida

Hypocyrta strigillosa

Isoloma pictum

Klugia notoniana

Liebegia speciosa

Locheria magnifica

Lysionotus ternifolia

Mandirola lanata

Mandirola naegelia Roezlii

Mitraria coccinea

Mitraria coccinea

Moussonia elegans

Naegelia Sceptre Cerise

Naegelia varietates

Naegelia amabilis

Nematanthus ionema

Nematanthus longipes

Niphaea albo-lineata

Niphaea argyroneura

Niphaea oblonga

Niphaea rubida

Pentarhaphia longiflora

Ramonda nathaliae

Ramondia pyrenaica

Ramondia serbica

Rhytidophyllum auriculatum

Rhytidophyllum floribundum

Saintpaulia ionantha

Saintpaulia ionantha

Sarmienta repens

Sarmienta repens

Scheeria mexicana

Sciadocalyx digitaliflora

Sciadocalyx warszewiczii

Sinningia guttata

Sinningia guttata

Sinningia helleri

Sinningia helleri

Sinningia velutina

Sinningia villosa

Sinningia youngeana

Sinningia youngeana

Stenogastra concinna

Stenogastra concinna and Stenogastra multiflora

Streptocarpus caulescens

Streptocarpus dunnii

Streptocarpus from seed

Streptocarpus gardeni

Streptocarpus grandis

Streptocarpus meyerii

Streptocarpus michelmorei

Streptocarpus parviflora

Streptocarpus polyanthus

Streptocarpus polyanthus

Streptocarpus rexii

Streptocarpus rexii

Streptocarpus reynoldsii

Streptocarpus saundersi

Streptocarpus vandeleurii

Tapeinotes Carolinae

Tapeinotes carolinae

Trevirania candida

Trichantha minor

Tydaea hyb. Eekhautei

Tydaea lindenii

Tydaea ortgiesii

Tydaea xGigantea

Tydaea Varieties

Verbascum myconi