Achimenes ‘Ambroise Verschaffelt’

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  • Photographer: Peter Yaremko
  • Grown by: Betty Tapping

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

This magnificent specimen, being admired by grower Murna Kosowan, is an older hybrid that continues to be very popular. Although this photo does not illustrate them well, the individual flowers have an unusual and attractive network of purple lines, against a very pale lavender, almost white, background. The darker throat, with a splash of yellow, provides a very pleasing contrast. A photo of an antique botanical print, more than 150 years old, better illustrates the unique attraction of the flowers. Another photo from RHS Wisley Garden shows the beautiful netting on the flowers.

Unlike many of the more modern cultivars, A. ‘Ambroise Verschaffelt’ is an unabashed trailer, making for magnificent basket specimens when grown well.