Sinningia araneosa

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  • Photographer: Maurice Marietti
  • Grown by: Charlene Marietti

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

Sinningia araneosa is an attractive species with silvery hairs on leaves and flowerbuds.  The orange-red flowers have an overhanging lip comprised of the upper two corolla lobes.  This lip is considerably shorter than the “galea” of (for instance) Sinningia cardinalis.

The amount of hairiness varies.  It can depend on the plant itself and on growing conditions.  Stronger light (including direct sunlight) can promote hair growth.

A related species, which is taller and not quite as hairy, is Sinningia valsuganensis.

Another photo of this species better illustrating the overall form and hairy leaves can be seen here. Another show plant (better illustrating the flowers) can be seen here, a close-up of the flowers here, and a plant growing in nature here.