Sinningia ‘Dollbaby’

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  • Photographer: Gustav Ciamaga

Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

S. ‘Dollbaby’ is the tetraploid form of the hybrid S. eumorpha x S. pusilla, and was the first truly successful example of what have become known as the “miniature Sinningias”. It is quite comfortable in a 2 1/2 or 3 inch pot, and will grow to a maximum size of about five inches in diameter, often smaller. Many lavender flowers will be produced on a well-grown plant.

Like many of the miniature Sinningias, ‘Dollbaby’ does well under flourescent lights in moderately warm and moderately humid environs. It should be potted in a fairly open but moisture retentive medium, and kept evenly moist but not wet. Regular fertilizing with a dilute solution will produce the best results.

Like all tuberous plants, ‘Dollbaby’ will eventually go dormant. The tuber can be repotted at the time of dormancy, or it can be stored in its pot (with the foliage removed) until it sprouts, and then repotted and grown on.