Sinningia ‘Tinkerbells’

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Images copyright by the individual photographers or their institutions.

S. ‘Tinkerbells’ is a hybrid of the microminiature S. concinna and the shrubby S. aggregata. It is intermediate in size between these very different plants, although the flower is much more reminiscent of the aggregata parent.

‘Tinkerbells’ is one of the best-loved of the older Sinningia hybrids. It has a pleasant upright habit, with some tendency to sprawl in other than bright light, soft fuzzy leaves of a pleasing green colour, and a profusion of bright lavender pink flowers held well above the foliage. It is fairly easy to grow under artificial light, and only requires regular watering and fertilizing to do well. The somewhat different color of the plant in the view above is a result of being photographed in direct sunshine. The image here is the more true-to-life tone.

It is interesting to compare this diminutive plant (quite comfortable in a four inch pot) with the large-growing and very vigorous S. ‘Apricot Bouquet’. The flowers are similar in shape, the leaves are similar in appearance, yet the plants are very different in habit. The two cultivars share similarities as a result of the use of S. aggregata in their background.